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CeNedra, Imperial Princess of Tolnedra, was confused.Everyone knew that the tales of the Orb that protected the West from the evil God Torak were just silly legends But here she was, forced to join a serious and dangerous quest to recover that stolen Orb No one believed in sorcery Yet Garions aunt and grandfather seemed to be the fabled sorcerers Polgara and Belgarath, who would have to be thousands of years old Even young Garion was learning to do things that could only be sorcery.Garion He was nothing but a farm boy, totally unsuitable for an Imperial Princess Then why did she have such an urge to teach him, to brush back his tangled hair, and to comfort him Now he was going to a strange tower in the center of all he believed evil, to face some horrible, powerful magician And she wouldnt be there to watch over him.He might be killed Shed never see him again ....

Title : Magician's Gambit (The Belgariad, Band 3)
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ISBN : 0345335457
ISBN13 : 978-0345335456
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Language : Englisch
Publisher : Del Rey Auflage Reprint 12 Februar 1986
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Magician's Gambit (The Belgariad, Band 3) Reviews

  • Xeowyn
    2019-04-08 03:02

    Eine ansprechende, gut lesbare Neuausgabe des dritten Bandes der konservativen Fantasy - Reihe Belgariad von David Eddings in digitaler Form.Sie transportiert sich auch leichter ... fünf Bücher trägt man nicht gern auf einer Kurzreise im Koffer, liest diese aber durchaus in kurzer Zeit!

  • Kirsten S.
    2019-04-10 23:59

    Good young adult fantasy novel, continued in this third book. If you are looking at buying this, you are probably already hooked on the series.

  • None
    2019-04-07 21:49

    This was my faveorite book in The Belgariad. There were the deep parts, of course, but there were also the most funny parts. "A tree fell on him." "Garion," Aunt Pol said crisply, "Please don't try to be creative." I especially liked what happened with Garion burying himself up to his armpits in the Vale of Aldur by complete accident. "Didn't it ever orrur to you that if all that weight goes up, something is going to have to go down?" Belgarath turned to Polgara, "It's a good thing he didn't try to throw it." Then the next day, Garion's moving the stone back into place. "Push?" the old man asked incredulously. "You told me to say push" Garion defended himself. "I told you to push. I didn't tell you to say push." Belgarath replied with a haughty air of affronted dignity, "We do have a reputation to maintain. If sorcerers go around saying things like 'push' and 'flop' people are going to take us a lot less seriously." This book rules! Breathe deep seek peace, Tin

  • None
    2019-04-11 01:54

    I don't think I'll ever forget the day my dad handed me these books. I loved them from the first page of Pawn all the way through Belgarath, (I haven't read Poledra yet). What I really liked about these books was that the characters seem real and that the world accually affected the characters, Everything from Mr. Wolf being upset a the Alorn Kings for summoning him, to the love of C'Nedra for Garion and they way she thought about it. But the best thing I think is the way "magic" works in the story. The Will and the Word. Instead of learning magic out of a book, the Will and the Word uses humanity's own internal power and drives to affect everything else. I think that that is probably the best theory on magic I have ever heard. I suggest that if you are in to epic adventures, swords and sorcery, or just love fantasy read this series.

    2019-04-16 04:06

    The Magician's Gambit, and this entire series rocks! I have also read Tolkein's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and I thought they were great. But they were very intricate and sometimes VERY difficult to get into and enjoy. A lot of Tolkein groupies are out Eddings-bashing. They seem to think that a great fantasy epic is a threat to their geekdom. Well towel off people, and realize that its just another great fantasy series. Yes there are times when the plot of the Belgariad is a bit predictable. That is about the only negative thing (if you consider that negative) that can be said about this series and the Mallorean. The characters are extremely rich and diversified. You are plunged into their very lives. Playful, witty, even affectionate banter is a staple to the stability of these wonderful characters, from the first campfire banter between Silk and Barak outside of Faldor's farm, all the way to Garion and his unforseen buddy Zakath on the Island of Perivior. There is a lot of good humor throughout the entire series. Lots of good savage fighting, even if a bit easy for the good guys, but hey - they had the Overlord of the West on their side! As far as this individual book goes... In a nutshell it was excellent. Not many fantasy books can actually get a sniffle outta me, but when Garion brought that colt back to life up in the cave of the gods, I almost got a bit choked up. I guess I have a soft spot for horses. By the way, Lord Hettar rules! Buy, read, and covet the enitre 10 book series. You will love it and find new things to celebrate every time you read it!!

  • None
    2019-04-19 04:52

    It's a very interesting book. Some of the parts are fairly predictable, especially in the later books, but then something just pops up and surprises you. Near the end you are still left wondering a bit, but at the end of the series everything just falls into place. I really enjoyed the series.

    2019-04-17 05:07

    This third installment of the Belgariad has what the readers expect from David Eddings: clever diaglogue, exciting adventures and a whole lotta fun. Not a kids story precisely (there's graphic violence, if childishly described), this series is written in a decidedly juvenile fashion, but that's part of its charm. Sure, there are problems and gaps in logic, but it's a good book to read when you don't feel like thinking. English professors will probably hate it, but I recommend it to anyone who likes a good, enjoyable read.

  • None
    2019-04-15 01:51

    This novel has many twists and surprises that leave you grasping for more and more. I believe it's a great book for all ages, I myself am a 13 year old. The characters are well brought up and witty. There is humor, adventure, horror, intrigue, and all the elements of a great novel!