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This classic book tells of George Dyson s rediscovery of the Aleut baidarka sea kayak and his far ranging travels with his boats....

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Baidarka: The Kayak Reviews

  • M. Mac
    2019-05-10 16:18

    Great book use it for teaching! Be careful of your source;

  • DeeMee
    2019-04-30 10:27

    This is a somewhat hard to categorize work. Some history of the Aleutian kayak and the people who developed it. Then a modern interpretation of it. But it also is much more than that. You get a look into the soul of the writer as well.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-01 11:36

    The book is good, not as many charts and diagrams as i would like but their were some. I didn't realize it was shipping from Canada, felt like i was waiting forever.

  • Liotta Gianfranco
    2019-04-25 10:17

    It is a marvellous book. Full of great pictures, full of history and with tons of infos... If your interest is to understand the baidarka, and to try to build one, this is your book. New materials for old ideas, that's what this book offers. Moreover, Dyson's personal history is quite nice. It is worth the effort of reading...

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-24 13:20

    I wish they re-printed it, this is a must have book if you are interested in traditional Skin On Frame Kayaks and their modern implementations.

  • jay Benton
    2019-05-12 14:24

    Very informative

  • Peter Dallman
    2019-05-24 13:08

    First, I built several of the Dyson baidarkas and paddled them for years. People saw my boat and were inspred to build them too. Last outing several years ago there were over ten Dyson Baidarkas. Not so simple to bulid, you need a complete set of plans and instructions which I do not know if Geroge sells anymore. I have all the complete sets for all the boats still saved, decades later. These botas are revolutionary. I live in Newport Beach where the Olympic kayak racers practice. My boat is faster and a hell of lot more seaworthy than their composites, yar. You have to very comitted and talenetd to complete one of these yaks. They look simple but that is deceptive. I knew George and we corresponded. That was before the internet or PCs. Understand he is a genius. His father and Grandfather are uber-minds, won Nobel prizes. The engines in the Starship Enterprise, warp anti matter, are real designs that can work. Again, the Nobel prize isn't given to idiots. As a matter of fact the Next Generation start trek devoted an entire show to his father's genius when Scotty got trapped in a Dyson Sphere. George is as smart as his parents and lives in a place above us mortals. But I digress. The book attempts to capture a mind that is so free and flowing. It is part poetry of the mind and eye. OK, I understand if some of you do not get the vison, He is Thor Hyerdal and his theories are now being proved and shown just last week on cable "Who discovered America." Hid dad's engines will take a litte longer to prove. OH, I love this book.

  • Mark M. White Tech
    2019-05-13 15:10

    A tremendous amount of research and documentation went into this book. First, there is the history of Russian exploitation of coastal Alaska, and indeed of the entire west coast of North America, all the way down into the Mexican Peninsula. I have personally witnessed the author, George Dyson, delivering a slide-illustrated lecture on Russian American history, and was impressed. Wow! The Russians and the natives could not have done what they did without the highly developed native kayak. Second there is a bit of study on why the Baidarkas/kayaks were built as they were, with a bit of personal indulgence and whimsy thrown in. Third, there is the author's experimentation with the use of steel and aluminum tubing (instead of wood) and nylon fabric (instead of animal skin)in the construction of kayak-like vessels, from a length of 16-feet, all the way up to 48 feet. One would need to be practiced and skilled in order to build a kayak with the use of this book, but it does provide the basics of construction.