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The 3rd Edition of Climbing Mt Fuji A Complete Guidebook is your complete preparation package and the only guidebook you will need to design your Mt Fuji climb The latest edition includes improved off season climbing information, enhanced route maps, 12 route maps in total new information on the Hoei Crater, Mt Hachijo Fuji and Mt Fuji area hot springs, as well as additional Mt Fuji pictures 29 pictures in total and Up to date information about climbing Mt Fuji is available at the following website Climbing Mt The primary reason for publishing the original Climbing Mt Fuji Guidebook in 2013 was to fill a gap identified by my private clients Many complained of the lack of available English information about climbing Mt Fuji My goal was to not only provide practical information about climbing Mt Fuji but also to introduce some of the cultural rituals associated with climbing historic Mt Fuji Climbing Mt Fuji is than just a hiking experience It is a unique cultural experience with its own set of unspoken customs that can be easily missed or stomped on unknowingly if not careful The people working on Mt Fuji during the climbing season are a tight community who respect the historical traditions As one of the few non Japanese Mt Fuji guides creating and maintaining wholesome relationships with locals was key to being accepted into this close knit society This guidebook provides accurate reliable information because it was written by a real Mt Fuji guide who has years of climbing experience and every imaginable type of Mt Fuji climb under his belt As a professional Mt Fuji guide, it is my privilege to share my experience and knowledge, including my qualified advice along with my personal recommendations that I commonly reserve for clients with all those who have set their hearts on climbing this majestic mountain....

Title : Climbing Mt. Fuji: A Complete Guidebook (3rd Edition)
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Climbing Mt. Fuji: A Complete Guidebook (3rd Edition) Reviews

  • Michael
    2019-04-20 21:58

    dachte, dass wäre genau das richtige Grunde ist dies ein selfmade Guidemit selfmade, handgekrizelten Karten die eher verwirrend als nützlich sindschade, denn die Beschreibungen sind nützlich, wären aber mit professionellem Kartenmaterial viel verständlicher.

  • Hiker
    2019-04-11 02:00

    Ich recherchierte mehrere Mt. Fuji Klettern Bücher, und das war die offensichtliche Wahl, First, das war der einzige Führer von einem echten Mt. geschrieben Fuji Führer; zweite Vergleichen der Inhalte dieser Fremdenführer Lasten mehr Informationen als alle anderen Führer! Beste Mt. Fuji Klettern Ressource zur Verfügung!

  • p315
    2019-04-13 03:09

    This slender volume is like a perfectly balanced daypack - everything you need for a successful climb is in it and easily accessible, with no excess weight: getting to Mt. Fuji, staying on the mountain, going to the heights and back again,routes, stations, huts, equipment, safety precautions and hazard alerts,options, and preparation, rules and climbing courtesy. It is like the best of trail companions - it shares your enthusiasm, encourages your determination, and provides a trustworthy reality check. And it is like a clearly marked trail pointing you in the right direction. The author writes with a respect for this formidable mountain that only an experienced climber can articulate and with advice for climbers at all levels that only an expert guide can provide - do not miss the Zombie Shuffle:) Diagrams illustrating the different routes provide not only direction, but also a bird's eye view of how the trail is situated on the mountain. Photographs give you a clear picture of tricky junctions and of vistas that will entice you or remind you of why you have decided to give this climb your best. The unique achievement of this book is that as you read it your perspective changes from that of a tourist to that of a climber. Sure, there are blogs by people who have had the extraordinary good luck to summit Mt. Fuji on a tourist lark. The defeated don't usually trumpet it. The dead tell no tales. Mt. Fuji is a challenging mountain to summit and extraordinary good luck is not a reliable strategy. Reading this book, and taking its guidelines to heart, can turn the odds in your favor for a successful, safe, and satisfying climb.

  • Crocodile Hunter
    2019-04-26 03:07

    Not only read it... but used it for the hike. Sadly one of the people in our group came down with high-altitute sickness 1.2 kilometers from the peak... however, we will go back this year... and try a different trail... shown in the book. Very happy with the book, its content, maps and trail descriptions. The info about the huts was really helpful.

  • dealyb
    2019-04-17 23:45

    A short but useful look at the practical steps in preparing to make this journey. It discusses the various routes pro and con, food, supplies, and suggestions on how to plan. I will definitely be using this more and more as my trip gets closer.

  • Herminator
    2019-03-30 02:46

    To the point and provides very valuable information for anybody climbing Fuji without a guide.

  • James W. Taylor
    2019-04-01 02:08

    This is a very informative book and I'm glad I have it. Thanks, Richard, for all of the work that went into it.