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The pigeon is BACK And he STINKS No, really, he actually smells very bad Smell What smell I don t smell YOU smell In this hilarious, interactive read in Mo Willems award winning Pigeon series, the Pigeon needs a bath Except, well, the Pigeon s really not so sure about that Besides, he took a bath last month Maybe It looks like it s going to take some serious convincing to get the Pigeon to take the plunge...

Title : The Pigeon Needs a Bath
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ISBN : 1406357782
ISBN13 : 978-1406357783
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Walker Books Ltd 1 Juni 2014
Number of Pages : 40 Seiten
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The Pigeon Needs a Bath Reviews

  • Danadino
    2019-03-31 20:55

    My daughter (6) loves all Mo Willem's books. This one is really funny and I think many kids (and their parents) can relate to it.... It's also funny how the Pigeon talks to the reader and my daughter always talks back.... We would definitely recommend.

  • Gert Stein
    2019-04-07 17:53

    i love reading this book to my group, and they love telling the pigeon what they need to do! Wonderful

  • BabyMo
    2019-04-12 17:27

    Today was an exciting day for my girls. We pre-ordered The Pigeon Needs a Bath, and today, our copy finally arrived! My twins are almost 5, and my oldest girl is almost 7. They are big fans of Mo Willems, and they absolutely loved this new book. The Pigeon has visible stink waves emanating from his body, yet he insists that he doesn't need a bath. He turns the situation around, and asks the reader, "When was the last time YOU had a bath?" You would think that the situation would be resolved with the Pigeon approaching the bathtub, but he has more complaints. Willems really outdoes himself with 29 panels spread across two pages. The Pigeon has a litany of complaints: the bath is too hot, it's too cold, there are too many toys, there aren't enough toys. The suspense builds, as the reader wonders if the Pigeon will ever make it into the bathtub!Willems might have a simple style of drawing, but he certainly gives that Pigeon a full range of emotions and body language.My girls giggled and laughed through the entire book, and they have also enjoyed looking through it on their own. I appreciate the sophisticated vocabulary- what better way to teach phrases like "purely coincidental" and "a matter of opinion" than a sassy cartoon Pigeon?This was a big hit at my house!

  • Robin's Nest
    2019-04-13 16:38

    My 2nd grade twins are past this reading level but I hope they never outgrow laughing at this hilarious pigeon! I pre-ordered this to add to our collection and it is naturally a huge hit. They are having a great time quoting all the lines at me and we all crack up. So much fun. This might be the funniest pigeon book yet. The flies are the best... take a bath, dude!

  • McPotter
    2019-04-06 14:45

    I picked this book up based on all the positive reviews. At the time my son was 2 and he thought the book was okay, but it was never one of his preferred books. But now that he is almost 4, he requests this book and ]] every night. He loves to tell the pigeon "Take a Bath!" on every page. And he goes around quoting "Too hot! Too cold! Too many toys!" all the time. There is just something about getting to tell someone else what to do when he's usually on the receiving end of it that really tickles him. His renewed interest in these books seems to have coincided with a huge increase in pretend play, so if your little one doesn't show much interest, don't give up - they may just need to be a little older.

  • Dangs
    2019-04-09 15:37

    This is certainly the one and only time I've ever placed a pre-order on a children's book, and it was well worth it. Ever since my wife and I came across the "Pigeon" series by Mo Willems, and bought the first one for our son, all three of us have been crazy about his books ever since. My son owns and loves all of them, including the pigeon activity book.The Pigeon Needs a Bath is another great hit in the series, and honestly I feel is the best book yet in the series. The story is humorous; my son especially loves the very impressively thorough page where the Pigeon is coming up with his excuses as to why the water in the bath is too hot, too cold, and the many other reasons he justifies not wanting to get in. The story was humorous for both adults and children alike. It's longer than some of the other pigeon books, but still short enough that it can frequently be read and reread in a reasonable amount of time. And like the other Mo Willems books, on top of being great and wacky stories about the adventures and misadventures of the pigeons, the artwork is phenomenal and humorous as well. The artwork is simple yet very expressive. It's easy on the eyes, and I have a feeling that both the comical stories and artwork in these books will make them fairly timeless. Our son is still young, but I can already imagine myself taking these books back out to one day read them to my grandkids and I don't feel as if they will seem aged or out of date.Overall, whether you are completely new to the pigeon series, or a long time reader, The Pigeon Needs a Bath is an outstanding addition to the Mo Willems collection and a book that I can imagine almost any child being excited to read and laugh about over and over again. Bonus points too, it even seemed to make my kid more excited about bath time as well!Thank you Mo Willems, and please keep the Pigeon series coming!

  • gypsyrebel
    2019-04-18 12:44

    A great installment in the pigeon series. Of course the pigeon throws his usual tantrums. While his tantrums upset some people, I love them. Kids can relate to how the pigeon acts, and they can especially relate to not wanting to take a bath. This would be a great addition to any hygiene discussion or unit. As with any pigeon story, this book gives adults the chance to talk with kids about appropriate coping skills, expressing themselves and their feelings appropriately, and how to deal with being told to "no" or other things kids hate to hear! ("Ten hours later" is a quote from the book.)