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Since 1888, Rangers and Celtic football clubs have been locked into an intense and frequently explosive rivalry Rangers the product of West Scotland s Protestant establishment, Celtic the team founded to raise money for the Catholic underclass of Glasgow On 2 January 2010 the two teams met in the Old Firm s New Year Derby, a fixture that had been banned for ten years because of the trouble it brought with it Richard Wilson puts that game at the centre of a book which delves into the history and widens out to the cultural resonance of the fixture within Scotland It is a potent mix of close up observation and big picture thinking, with insight, understanding and depth....

Title : Inside the Divide: One City, Two Teams . . . The Old Firm
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ISBN : 1847678394
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Inside the Divide: One City, Two Teams . . . The Old Firm Reviews

  • Gamer7
    2019-04-24 00:48

    Dieses Buch war ein Geschenk. Es ist aber super angekommen und soll ein "must - have" für jeden Fußballinteressierten sein.

  • CarstenfaeGermany
    2019-04-27 03:46

    Received the book yesterday and went through it in 1 night. Good to read, interesting insight stories and with some new informations. What bothers me was the monologe style at the beginning of each chapter or sub-chapter, in which the author just recites the potential train of thoughts of either players or refs. That is mere speculations and way too long and useless and seems to be a gap-filler.Apart from that I would recommend that book to everyone that is intersted or involved in "Glasweegien Fitba".

  • Brian Maitland
    2019-04-06 23:45

    There has been plenty written about the Old Firm (rival Scottish soccer clubs Celtic and Rangers) so I was dreading this was going to be yet another tired old Catholic vs. Protestant screed. It totally is not. First of all, it's as up to date as could be even covering Rangers on the verge of their eventual demotion to Scottish Division III.Mostly the book focuses in on recent history between the clubs and each chapters tries to look at it through the lens of a either a coach, referee, player, police officers, officials, etc. The author does not shy away from the violence and takes a far better approach but looking at it from the viewpoint of medical staff having to deal with Old Firm violence. He also goes into the economics of it all as well as getting right into the ins and outs of each team's supporters not only in Scotland but in Ireland and further abroad.It's must reading for anyone trying to understand the love and hatred that fuels arguably the strangest, yet most passionate, rivalry in European sports.

  • Patrick O'Malley
    2019-04-05 01:03

    This book explains the divide of these two clubs, and the troubles of a city torn. After this book you feel the Pride of Celtic and little left to be desired for Rangers. After reading this book, you want to run to the highest building and tell "Mon the Hoops"

  • Gordon Wilson
    2019-03-28 21:45

    The two Glasgow soccer teams, Rangers and Celtic must be two of the most written about teams in world soccer however this book brings a new perspective to the subject. Written from many different viewpoints, including players, referees and even emergency responders, this book really brings home the size, importance and frankly hatred of the teams. Of particular nearest to me was the view of people you wouldn't normally consider. The chapter on the thought processes of a referee of an old firm encounter I found absolutely fascinating. It never occurred to me that he might just not want to mess it up! This book also achieves something many of these books find difficult and that is to come across as neutral. All in all I thoroughly recommend reading this book as it provides excellent insight in to a complicated subject while also giving a real sense of the excitement generated by these teams.