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This book deals with the Divine Proportion, a secret code that rules art, nature, and science It is known by many names Golden Mean, Sacred Cut and Phi are only a few and it is not by chance that the Divine Proportion was given its name It has been called divine because over thousands of years it has been deemed to be so The Divine Proportion reveals a number of simple patterns It is seen in the seed patterns of fruits, the family tree of bees, the pyramids of Egypt, Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance paintings, the human body, shells the list is endless.Mathematicians use the Greek symbol F to represent the Divine Proportion and equate it to a number that is defined by the ratio 1 v5 2 or 1.6180339 Numbers do little, however, in describing this unique ratio that is found everywhere in nature and for 2500 years has been an aesthetic guide in art and architecture.Beginning with calculations found on clay tablets in ancient Babylon, the story of Divine Proportion can be traced alongside the history of numbers to the fractals of the digital age As its many forms unfold we uncover the Golden Rectangle in the Parthenon, Golden Spirals in the human inner ear, a Golden Angle in the petal patterns of a rose, and the Fibonacci numbers in lilies, daisies, pineapples, and in our own DNA.With its natural balance and elegant beauty, the Divine Proportion is a perpetual reminder that our hope for regeneration and continuity lies in realizing the meaningful and harmonious relationship of all the parts to the whole....

Title : The Secret Code: The Mysterious Formula That Rules Art, Nature, and Science
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The Secret Code: The Mysterious Formula That Rules Art, Nature, and Science Reviews

  • Rubedo
    2019-04-03 02:06

    Certainly a wonderful overview of geometric principles with beautiful examples both in terms of mathematic formulas as well as visual artistry. The author takes you into a journey through time and describes the discovery of a geometric principle by the samples of its discoverers such as Phidas, Phytagoras, Euclid, Fibonacci... For me it is a wonderful source book to look behind the veil of mathematic formulas we so easily take for granted and apply every day. We forget that which inspired its discovery...However, for those who want to go further two books are wonderful --- "A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe" by Micheal Schneider and Rober Lawlers book about Geometry. Especially Michael Schneider's book is wonderful if you need to start from scratch and wish to get an overview - Robert Lawler is more for those who already have the mathematical knowledge and want to delve deeper into certain aspects.

  • William Russell
    2019-04-18 23:09

    Eye opening

  • Alfredo Romero
    2019-04-08 21:50

    The right product.

  • Bobo
    2019-03-30 06:10

    This book dives into many subjects not just the Golden Ratio. I really enjoyed reading it.