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After a tragic accident leaves her battered, heartbroken, and alone, Scout Donovan would rather hide in dreams than face reality But things are changing quickly in Scout s life Soon she s pulled back into the world of Shifters and Seers, with her best friend s fate depending on Scout s ability to protect her Can Scout pull it together in time to save Talley, or is the past too much to overcome Praise for Time Mends Stunning I didnt think it was possible to love Time Mends even than Destiny Binds, but add action, political intrigue and mounds of suspense to the witty dialogue and loveable characters and youve got a sure fire winner on your hands Samantha Young, author of Moon SpellA brilliant display of talent Jackie at The Book Whisperer...

Title : Time Mends (Timber Wolves Trilogy Book 2) (English Edition)
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Time Mends (Timber Wolves Trilogy Book 2) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Kwinter
    2019-04-19 13:49

    Auch Time Mends ist ein sehr gut zu lesendes Buch und bestätigt meinen positiven Eindruck dieser Trilogie. Bitte unbedingt zuerst den ersten Band lesen!Scout muss lernen mit dem Scherbenhaufen ihres Lebens umzugehen und das fällt ihr nicht leicht, weil die "Verursacher" ja mit in ihrer Familie leben. Ihre erste große Liebe ist tot, und ihre zweite große Liebe hauptverantwortlich dafür. Außerdem ist sie selbst schwer verletzt und depressiv nach allem, was ihr zugestoßen ist.Nachdem in den ersten Kapiteln sehr überzeugend das schwierige Zusammenleben nach dem "Unfall" dargestellt wird, muss Scout sich nun auch damit auseinandersetzen, dass sie auf einmal ebenfalls ein Werwolf ist. Das ist nicht einfach, denn sie hat weder ein Pack, noch Ahnung von den vielfältigen Regeln der Shifter oder dem generellen Leben als Werwolf.Vom lokalen Coyotepack bekommt sie ein kleines Territorium zugewiesen und ansonsten die Order, ja nicht die Grenze zu überschreiten. Ihre Freundin Talley, Seherin des Packs der Coyoten, und ihr Bruder Jase und sein Cousin Charlie sagen ihr Loyalität zu und verlassen für sie ihr altes Pack.Ein eigenes Pack zu sein ist schwerer als es erstmal klingt, weil sie a) wenige sind, b) viele Feinde haben und c) ein Dorn im Auge des Alphapacks sind, die sozusagen die Chefs aller Shifter sind. Zudem sind sie als Pack natürlich ziemlich dysfunktional, weil viel zwischen ihnen unausgesprochen und unausgegoren ist.Die Sache wird dadurch erleichtert und erschwert, dass Scout auf der Traumebene immer noch Konzakt zu Alex hat, der ihr Ratschläge gibt, aber ihr das Akzeptieren seines Todes schwer macht.Zunächst managen sie ihr neues Leben als Minipack ganz gut, aber dann werden sie verraten und Scout muss sich vor dem Alphapack verantworten, weil ihr vorgeworfen wird, eine böse verführerische Hexe zu sein (eigentlich gibt es nämlich keine Frauen Shifter und Scout ist keine geborene Werwölfin und noch dazu sehr schnell und sehr dominant).Scout stellt schnell fest, dass sie beim Alphapack wenig Freunde und eine Feindin hat und sie für schuldig gilt, bis sie ihre Unschuld beweisen kann. Und das ist quasi unmöglich...Das Ende ist spannend und lässt viele Fragen offen, typisch für zweite Bände einer Trilogie. Ich freue mich schon auf Band 3!Einzige Kritik, wie in Teil 1 gibt es auch hier ein paar wenig überzeugende Entwicklungen, die einem aber nur auffallen, wenn man sehr darüber nachdenkt und die beim Lesen selbst nicht stören. Deshalb gebe ich wie beim ersten Buch der Reihe mit gutem Gewissen 4 Sterne! (und freue mich auf den letzten im Herbst erscheinenden Band der Trilogie...)

  • The Book Runner
    2019-03-28 15:42

    What you really want to know is if this book as great as the first one - DEFINITELY!!! You don't want spoilers and you don't want analysis - you want to know if Scout is still amazing, if Alex is in the story and if Talley, Charlie and Jase are mentioned. Yes to all!!! This is a must read!The theme of this book is "change". Scout's graduation speech is about change. Scout goes through "the Change". Scout's relationships have changed. Change is defined in the story: Change. A verb. To make different.Blackwell also kept the spirit of Alex alive (so well done!) and continued to give HOPE that he might be still alive (fingers strongly crossed!). This was a personal relief to me.I highly, highly, highly recommend this author and wait anxiously for fall 2012 for the third installment. If you haven't read , go now and do it! Other books I would recommend similar to this one are:  by P.T. Michelle,  by Maggie Stiefvater,  by Heather Hildebrand and anything written by Samantha Young .Would I/Did I buy it? Yes (.99)Would I read it again? YesWould I recommend it to friends? YES!

  • Ozmatoo
    2019-04-03 12:25

    I should have known this series would be great. This wonderful trilogy is by an author whose email abbreviates the name "punk rock librarian", and she placed a delightful photo on the Amazon site which reflects her energetic writing style. The three books have a really workable, three dimensional cast of characters. The narrator/protagonist is defined by intelligence, a smart mouth and just the right degree of vulnerability. I think the books are equally well written, and the world building involves a "cast" living in a world of werewolves and "were-coyotes" which is not always a picnic. They must contend with keeping themselves hidden from humans, and from the animalistic - and sometimes fascistic - world of the "Alphas".I had only one problem - one I've had with many other paranormal fantasy novels. The heroine is teenaged genius, who catches on quickly to the new world she is thrust into, and who is a definite rebel. So I cannot buy - I will never buy - a plot where everyone she cares about hides all the important facts from her she needs for survival. She has leader potential, she's got a sharp wit and a sharp tongue, and she loves wholeheartedly. That's all wonderful. But she's presented to the readers as someone who constantly stumbles or endangers her loved ones because she's kept ignorant 90% of the time! So their decisions, which are idiotic - considering how smart she is - leave her behaving like an idiot, because she's not told the most basic rules she should know. Never treat a smart heroine like a moron. It just doesn't carry us through stories smoothly enough! That's is never, ever a believable plot device. It's too contrary to have to deal with. In addition, issues of forgiveness for the unforgivable arise which I think are not always believable. But that will depend on the readers' sense of forgiveness, in the end.Yet, I would recommend this series in a heartbeat, because it's impossible to stop reading - not just to get to the ending - but because it's such a terrific world we get to imagine. The writing style is super, despite the weak character traits we see in this young woman's "private pack". Yet, the girl we come to care about is a delight to encounter. Actions and emotions, especially those of a teenage girl, are believable (except for that one plot weakness of her stumbling into traps because she's kept ignorant when she shouldn't be). ** Nevertheless, grab it, buy it, download it, (whatever) and don't miss this enjoyable trilogy! -Ozmatoo

  • S. Goodman
    2019-03-28 17:38

    I really liked Destiny Binds, book one in the Timber Wolves series. I adored the humor, the unique voice of Scout, and the beautiful love story. And I didn't hate the love triangle, which is something that usually bothers me in YA books. I've been anxious to see what Tammy Blackwell did next after the heart-wrenching cliffhanger ending of Destiny Binds. This being a YA paranormal book, I thought I knew where things were going.I couldn't have been more wrong. Time Mends took every convention of the genre and went in completely new and unexpected directions.It's really hard to give a plot summary without revealing too much, because there are so many surprises and twists. I loved how Blackwell handled all the relationships in the book (Scout and her brother Jase, Charlie, and Talley) and how they were affected by the fallout from the final chapter of Destiny Binds. Also, I thought her portrayal of Scout's healing was moving and realistic, without sacrificing her trademark wit and snarky sense of humor. For the Alex fans out there: I think you'll be surprised, and in the end really moved, by what Blackwell does with his and Scout's story. This book had more action and drama than the first one, and I loved seeing more of the Shifter world and how it operates. It's a self-published book, and there are some typos and editing errors (hopping/hoping, conscious/conscience mixed up, for example) but as far a story goes, I found it much more compelling and engaging than most of the major publisher YA novels I've read in recent memory. I'm still reeling from the ending, and I'm worried about all these characters I've come to care about. I can't remember the last time I got teary-eyed over a book, but this one did it to me twice. I really hope Fate Succumbs (book three) will be out as soon as possible.