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Jake Denney has hit rock bottom His wife has left him He s drinking again And his five year old daughter is in the middle of it all When a judge calls him a disgrace to the legal profession, Jake starts thinking things might be better for everyone if he wasn t around any.Then a childhood friend s mother phones him Her son, Howie, has been accused of murdering his wife Jake takes the seemingly hopeless case in a last ditch effort to save his client and his fading career.Meanwhile, Howie s little sister, Lindsay, has grown into a beautiful woman Though Jake is drawn to her, there s something about her he doesn t understand, even though it may be the very thing he needs to reclaim his humanity.With the evidence mounting against his client, and a web of corruption closingaround them both, Jake Denney faces the fight of his life not only in the courtroom, but in the depths of his own soul Move over John Grisham James Scott Bell has done it again with Blind Justice A must read Nancy Moser, author of The Invitation and The Quest...

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Blind Justice (English Edition) Reviews

  • None
    2019-04-16 17:43

    James Scott Bell does it again with "Blind Justice". He combines courtroom drama, intrigue, interesting characters, and inspiration in a book I couldn't put down. You gotta love Howie and Lindsay, even as you see their faults. For their faults are our faults--meaning their triumphs are our triumphs? If you like John Grisham, you'll find yourself reading all of Bell's courtroom novels as you impatiently wait for his next one. My request is that people pass the word so Grisham can have a run for his money...

  • Melvin Morse
    2019-03-24 20:26

    This is a well written fascinating story with an abrupt contrived ending. The five star reviews are simply because it is a morally satisfying story of Christian values. However this is NOT Randy Singer. This author simply ends the book without any thought or plot development or character growth. The hero has a dramatic conversion without any reasonable explanation. I cannot recommend this book to anyone, even Christian readers desperate for something that is in harmony with Christian values.The book is frustrating because it starts off well, and yet has a cardboard cartoonish ending.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-25 19:42

    Although I didn't like this book as well as JSB's other suspense titles, it was still great reading. I still had to keep picking it up and reading until I got to the end. It wasn't a title that I wanted to put down and forget. Before reading Mr. Bell's books, I never really went in for trial-based fiction, but he does an excellent job of creating story after story built around this idea and it works every time.If anything, the reason for my 4 star instead of a 5 star is that I could never totally warm to the protagonist. But it was also bold writing to write a protag who had lots of strikes against him and who WAS so unlikeable. That's not easy to do. What ultimately held me to the page was not the protagonist's likeability, but his determination to, excuse the language, damn well follow through to the bitter end. While his character may not have resonated with me overall, that character trait certainly did, and make up for a whole lot.I was disappointed the book ended because now I've read all Mr. Bell's full length fiction titles in suspense and historical. So I'll have to read the short story collections to tide me over until his next release. His books are always great to read both for entertainment and to study writing.

  • Nicole Petrino-Salter
    2019-04-04 16:24

    James Scott Bell is the king of lawyer snark. He writes fascinating stories that feature attorneys with serious flaws. Imagine that, you say, an attorney with flaws! Suffice it to say Blind Justice features Jake Denney who's about ready to pack it in, maybe once and for all.Jake's a jerk. Major. Big time jerk. He's divorced with a 5 year old daughter Mandy who sees deep into his tattered soul. He gets visitation with her, but the whole situation with his ex-wife and her husband stinks, and he's not about to make it friendly - even for Mandy. His cases have dropped to zero since his drinking has pre-empted everything else. He managed to perform poorly in a court appearance and that pretty much shut down his ability to land cases and pay the rent on his office space. Until . . .A childhood friend's mother calls Jake and asks for his help. "Howie" is now grown up, sort of, married, one young son named Brian. He's been working construction in Alaska to make the kind of money his wife seems to want. Howie's bringing her a Teddy Bear, flying home one day early, but when he arrives, the house is dark and quiet and he's locked out. Howie manages to break into the sliding glass door and goes to their bedroom where his wife Rae reveals she wants a divorce. Howie cries and pleads with her to change her mind, and then . . . that's all he remembers. Except for the appearance of the devil.Howie is accused of murdering his wife, stabbing her 25 times and then wounding himself, and his parents and sister ask Jake to be his attorney. When Jake takes the case, Howie's sister Lindsay insists her brother could not and would not kill Rae. Jake finds he's attracted to Lindsay and tries to explain to her how the evidence looks pretty convincing. She refuses to accept it, and although Jake admires her pluck, he's convinced the best he can get is some reduced charge.Jake calls his Shakespeare-speaking P.I. to help him with the case and investigate Rae. He finds a kid who'd been sleeping with her and who says he saw someone running away from the house after hearing a scream but went home without telling anyone.Howie is slow and considers Jake his only real friend. Jake can tell Howie looks up to him which only makes his alcoholic regression that much more despicable. But Jake can't help himself, and nothing seems to slow his demise, even the fury he feels after his wife refuses to allow Mandy to see him again unsupervised since their last visit didn't turn out too well.Through all of the drinking, the investigation, the determination to get Howie acquitted, and the bully prosecutor's handling of the case, there's a creepy undercurrent in the proceedings. Jake's investigator "Triple C" feels it and even Jake senses something wrong, but Jake immerses his fears and doubts in the bottle.When multiple things go terribly wrong, Jake is forced to realize his answers can't be found at the bottom of those bottles. And injustice can't turn a blind eye to the truth.Blind Justice by James Scott Bell is a well-written, thoroughly entertaining story about a young attorney on the skids who somehow manages to do just enough damage to himself to wake up and search for a reason to quit retreating from life. With a hopeful and satisfying (albeit a tad convenient) ending, Blind Justice is a quick and valuable read that captures the destruction of alcoholism and the beauty of unconditional love while taking a hard look at the evil Howie recognized.Good story. Highly recommended.

  • Donna K. Anderson
    2019-04-11 12:38

    This story really had an intriguing beginning that got my attention quickly. It was interesting to see Denney struggle throughout the entire story with his own personal demons and how you kept thinking he was going to change. His relationship with Howie was surprising to Denney as much it was to the reader. The way he had treated Howie was a side Denney himself didn't know he had or just how much he had touched Howie's family through the years. Good story. I so appreciated just reading this book and not having to wade through all the raunchy language and sexual exploitations of the characters. In fact after I finished the book I realized just how refreshing that was. This will make me look forward to another good read by this author. I gave it a high rating because of the descent language, the story line and the just a good twist to a courtroom drama.

  • Cookie 13
    2019-04-17 13:34

    Through enjoyed this courtroom murder mystery. Attorney Jake Denney is about to go under because of his excessive drinking when he is asked to defend a childhood friend accused of murdering his wife.. The accused believes he may have killed his wife, but can't remember anything except that he saw the devil. Should Jake take a plea or prove his friend is insane or try to find the real murderer? While there are clues along the way, the answer to the mystery is surprising. and for some readers may not be believable.