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Beatrice Stubbs of Scotland Yard detective inspector, metaphor mixer and stubborn survivor Battling crime by day and her own demons by night, the question remains justice or the law Behind Closed Doors sees Beatrice seconded to Switzerland Wealthy, powerful men are committing suicide Or are they When the same DNA is found at each scene, DI Stubbs suspects someone is dispensing a personal retribution Beneath the chocolate and charm, Zurich hides many secrets.In Raw Material, Beatrice is divided Hunting a sex offender on London Underground while trying to investigate illegal activity on a Welsh beach stretches her to her limits Her partner and neighbour decide to assist But amateur detectives and professional criminals make a bad mix.Time for a sabbatical in Tread Softly A gourmet trip to the north of Spain is exactly what DI Stubbs needs Until she meets an old acquaintance who lures her into an investigation Beatrice is up to her neck in missing persons, murder, corruption and Rioja.Also available as paperbackWhat readers say If you ve never encounteredBeatrice, you have the most almighty thrill coming and this box setmeans that you can read all of the first three right away.If you like Agatha Christie type whodunnits you ll love JJ Marsh s Beatrice Stubbs novels.So refreshing to find a heroine as fabulous and flawed as the rest of us.Buy this now and settle in for a fabulous European crime journey from the comfort of your armchair....

Title : The Beatrice Stubbs Boxset One: Heart-racing European crime fiction (English Edition)
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The Beatrice Stubbs Boxset One: Heart-racing European crime fiction (English Edition) Reviews

  • SusanP
    2019-03-29 04:44

    Move over Nancy Drew, Jane Marple, Veronica Mars and Lis Salander. There’s a new dame fast tracking her way to the top of my personal female super sleuth’s list. Her name is Beatrice Stubbs and she just wants to get the job done.By the end of Beatrice Stubbs’ debut in “Behind Closed Doors”, a fast paced thriller packed with a delightful amount of varied, believable and relatable characters from all over the globe, lovers of crime fiction can expect not only to be rooting for a new kind of heroine, a wonderful, witty and a tad weathered British Powerfrau, but will also have vicariously travelled and explored Switzerland alongside with her on the hunt for an eerie serial killer. And they’ll never quite look at Fondue the same way ever again.While the follow up installment, “Raw Material”, sees Beatrice trying to solve not one, but two crimes closer to home for a change, the third episode in the crime series, “Tread Softly”, finds Beatrice crime solving off-duty while on holiday in Spain.Both novels continue to grip the reader with well-constructed plots, heart-stopping twists, marvelous banter between some of the characters and delectable description of local culinary delights, so rich in detail, you suddenly find yourself craving the odd glass of Rioja mid-read.Needless to say, that I careened through all three books in a few days, and I am very much looking forward to reading “Cold Pressed” and “Human Rites” next. There’s even a sixth and potential final (gasp) book in the series according to the series’ Facebook page.Much like her character Beatrice Stubbs, JJ Marsh is a force to be reckoned with. This is an author who is very much in charge of her craft, transporting her readers to her stories’ destinations with skill and ease. Definitely one to watch

  • Diana H. Maine
    2019-04-10 04:01

    I thoroughly enjoyed my ‘boxed set’ of 3 titles by JJ Marsh. The ‘set’ consisted of the first 3 books in Ms. Marsh’s Beatrice Stubbs mystery series: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - RAW MATERIAL - TREAD SOFTLY.The lead characters were very flawed; very likable; very detailed. Beatrice - bipolar with hints of a prior suicide attempt, Detective Inspector for the Metropolitan Police; her husband Matthew and neighbor Adrian.The plots were edgy, suspenseful and detailed; very character-driven.The ‘sense of place’ (which first attracted me to the series) was extremely well-done. I really felt a part of the locations.BEHIND CLOSED DOORS took place mainly in Zurich, Switzerland. I liked the back and forth of the murder scenes and the current investigations. It helped set the tone and especially the personalities of the victims. I quite liked the development of the team’s characters and Herr Karl Kalin.RAW MATERIAL was set in UK locations. A seemingly innocent set of photographs from a beach holiday turn into the basis for a major investigation. Adrian and Matthew ‘help out’ on the case.TREAD SOFTLY was my favorite title mainly because of its northern Spain location. The descriptions - of foods, wines, vineyards, wineries, Spanish cities and towns, people - were superb. The plot was very well-paced which I liked.I liked these mysteries so much that I ordered the next 3 titles in the Beatrice Stubbs series.**I do want to note that I didn’t order the ‘boxed set’ - I ordered 3 individual books. The digital ‘set’ titles were awkward to read. There was no access to each title’s table of contents. I like to move around in a book and often reread passages or confirm details. While I could bookmark, I couldn’t maneuver well in the books. This is nothing to do with the writing, but a glitch or problem with the format.

  • D. Swiney
    2019-04-05 00:06

    I am an avid reader of murder mysteries and police procedurals, but I just couldn't slog through the first book of this set, much less the remainder. Although the writing itself was good enough, there was little character development and too many characters to keep track of. I read about 25% of the first book and gave up, something I rarely do with books.

  • Jessica Bell
    2019-04-16 05:01

    Book 1:What a breath of fresh air. JJ Marsh brilliantly weaves the genres of crime/thriller and literary fiction with a unique flair. Perfect balance of suspense, and seamless beautiful prose. I loved all the characters, even the ones I wan't supposed to. So glad I bought the box set. Moving straight onto book two, "Raw Material".Book 2:Fabulous sequel to Behind Closed Doors. A little less punchy in pace than the first book, but still equally as brilliant in style. One thing I just noticed in this book (which was probably done in the first book too, but I was too stupid to not pick it up) was that Beatrice always gets her idioms wrong, for example, "mutton dressed as ham" instead of "mutton dressed as lamb." Such a fabulous quirk for someone who is clearly very intelligent and switched on. Loved it.I was going to read a book by another author before diving into book 3, Tread Softly, but I don't think I can help myself. Especially after the unexpected ending!Book 3:Fabulous addition to the series. There's a lot more action in this one which was a very nice contrast to the slightly slower-pace of the previous book. What a fabulous series, honestly, I could keep reading about Beatrice Stubbs forever. Thankfully there is a book 4 on the way, and it's set in Athens, Greece, where I live. VERY excited about that one!

  • Lady Readsalot
    2019-03-28 23:46

    I binged through the first boxed set so I can say for sure that JJ Marsh is consistently worth reading. Her style is crisp, her characters multi-dimensional and so enjoyable you want to take them to dinner - especially to have the food & wine she describes. The plotting is intricate enough to always be interesting, the crimes unconventional but realistic, the bad guys are never just cardboard tools - come to think of it I would have dinner with them too. The narrative is carried by some of the best dialog I've read in crime fiction and I did a lot of LOLing. The main character, Beatrice Stubbs, is the most likely but unlikely British DI I've encountered and I'm now wholly committed to cheering her on. I read British crime fiction to get a good dose of the settings and Marsh portrays place and culture like a fine painter. Next: Box set 2.

  • Susan
    2019-04-15 01:05

    I came upon these books by accident and after reading a blurb about them, I fortunately ordered the first set. Loved the characters and storyline of each book. DI Stubbs is a force to be reckoned with! I so enjoyed the different locations and the descriptions of different food and wine is perfect. I'm looking forward to reading next book in series!