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h1 What if you could clone your best clients and work with them over and over again Imagine how happy, fulfilled, and profitable you d be if you could work with of these ideal clients who appreciate and respect your work and don t object to your prices Sounds magical, doesn t it Clone Your Best Clients can help you identify, find, and attract your ideal clients.This book introduces readers to the Clone Your Best Clients System, a process creative entrepreneurs and wedding business owners use to understand their very best clients and attract clients just like them You ll learn how to identify the clients you love to work with and create a marketing plan unique to your business that consistently attracts of your ideal clients If you want to work with of your ideal clients and take the guesswork out of your marketing, this book is for you....

Title : Clone Your Best Clients: How to Take the Guesswork out of Your Marketing and Attract More Ideal Clients (English Edition)
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Clone Your Best Clients: How to Take the Guesswork out of Your Marketing and Attract More Ideal Clients (English Edition) Reviews

  • Fabienne Peter
    2019-04-01 04:54

    Great book. I improved my marketing a lot after reading Heidis book. It is very easy to understand and I could relate a lot to what she was saying. Also I love that Heidi provides a ton of free resources that are very useful. Thanks.

  • E. Krahn
    2019-04-01 00:04

    I have to start saying that I have known Heidi for a couple years and have implemented the marketing tools she addresses in her book. I am a member of wedding of her business collective too. I truly have found that marketing techniques that she provides are very useful and they have helped me to understand the type of ideal client I was looking for, the one I actually would enjoyed working with, not only someone who could pay for my services. It has made such a great difference in my business because, let’s face it, being an a professional on what you do, it does not mean that you are a great marketer. I have learned to sell my brand and my services by using many of Heidi’s techniques. If you are a serious wedding pro, you have nothing to lose! The book will guide to find your ideal client, and having more of the same awesome clients you want, just as promised.

  • Raymond Hatfield
    2019-04-14 01:10

     I finished Heidi's book todays ago and have been on a roll non stop. I feel like I will no longer be throwing random ideas to the wall hoping they will stick. Heidi has lays out a simple to follow step by step plan that I can already tell is going to do wonders for my wedding photography business. I wish this book was out when I first got started in wedding photography as it would have saved me a ton of guesswork and headaches!

  • Maigen Thomas
    2019-04-01 22:49

    If you're in a wedding-related service or professional business, you have probably already learned how to build an Ideal Client profile (and if you haven't, you should probably do that!). You know the kinds of people you connect well with and have success selling to.If you've been in business for over a year, you've probably found at least one couple that you just really, really loved working with. From initial contact through the post-wedding follow-up, it just felt RIGHT. Wouldn't you love if you could have that experience with all of your clients? We all would!Clone Your Best Clients helped me narrow down and identify the qualities and characteristics of the people I resonate with the most, the people I have the most success working with and the people I help the most. It goes well beyond building a Client Avatar and touches on the things you need to be doing to ensure you're working with the best people - not just people who will pay you for what you do. As a wedding business optimization consultant, this has helped me AND my clients!I have already recommended it to friends and clients, and I suggest that anyone in the industry buy it.

  • Sabrina Cadini
    2019-03-27 03:05

    This book is a must-have for every wedding professional. Identifying your ideal client is an extremely important component - and very often overlooked - in a business strategy. My business changed completely since I identified mine; now I'm able to target and attract the right client who likes my style and needs my design / planning services.Heidi Thompson provides an exact step-by-step process to investigate, collect, measure and implement the information you need in order to align your brand with your ideal clients. This will save you time (no more guesswork) and money (targeted advertising), and it will bring you successful results.

  • Susan Miele
    2019-04-15 00:44

    I love it!My initial impressions were that I loved that the introduction was just that. There was no long, drawn out 'let me tell you what is happening and what you don't know', it just outlined what she wanted convey and dived into content. I love that! I appreciate that too!You know we never have enough time to do everything we want, so information presented with real-life examples along with simple explanations really helps you to know the information and spark ideas immediately.My only issue is that I read and find myself musing over the information and getting ideas and then notice it's been 1/2 an hour! This book is fun to read, easy to relate to and customizable to any wedding vendor!Must check out the 'Evolve Your Wedding Business' podcast too!